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At age 32, I had never heard of “indoor air pollution” or “sick building syndrome.” I had just moved my residential / commercial cleaning business to Florida from my longtime home in Massachusetts and my only health concerns were avoiding colds and not catching the flu. At that time though a few of my cleaning customers asked me if I knew how to get rid of mold and mildew. Coincidentally, my brother had sent me an air purifier that same week. He told me to try a series of experiments with the purifier.

With nothing to lose (it was a free trial), I gave the air purifier a shot – and a good shot it was. The results were amazing. Household odors were quickly reduced or eliminated. After a few days, the dust level in my home was practically non-existent.  I spread the word to my customers, friends, family and, “like that,” I had a new business. I attended numerous training sessions and events, absorbing as much info as I my brain could handle.

In 2003, I relocated both my businesses to Evansville, IN and have remained there since. I now have clients throughout the country and have the opportunity to expand overseas.

If you feel that the air in your home or office could be making you sick; if you’d like to eliminate smoke and odors; be able to sanitize mold and mildew; or if you’d simply like your indoor environment to have less dust and always smell good without the use of sprays and plug-ins, I can help you.

Our air purification products are field-tested and guaranteed. We strive to deliver excellent customer service and I believe that it starts after the sale. We encourage customer feedback see our testimonials and often you can “try before you buy.”

At Mike Lee’s Clean Machine, you’ll “Breathe Easier With Us.”   
Mike Lee
Mike Lee's Clean Machine
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