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Air Purification

  • 50% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air - American College of Allergists

  • 25% of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) cases and more than two million deaths per year are directly linked to air particulate.

Indoor Air Pollution is not someone else's problem. It's not a single catastrophic event like Legionnaire's Disease, where several businessmen died from being exposed to airborne mold spores at a hotel convention.

It can affect all of us, every day, is the constant exposure to low levels of common contaminants - things we can all take in with every breath, every day. One of the results of polluted indoor air is Sick Building Syndrome.

"The disease Sick Building Syndrome exists because sealed, energy-conserving homes and offices are breeding grounds for an array of contaminants...from molds and bacteria to volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde..." - Time Magazine, 12/98

"Normal house cleaning and laundry practices are often inadequate for decontamination and can increase the hazard to others in the household..." - NIOSH Report to Congress, 9/95

Did You Know?

  • For 20 years, EPA tests have proved that indoor air can be much worse than the air outdoors.

  • Irritants in our school's air can cause children's learning disabilities.

  • 50% of work and school absenteeism is due to upper respiratory diseases.

  • Vacuuming carpets does not remove the hazardous chemicals concentrated there.

  • Every synthetic material can pollute the air...carpets, clothing, cleaning and beauty products, paints, paper, plastics, building materials, and even some foods contribute to indoor air pollution.

  • Cigarette smoke contains more than 3,000 chemicals and can take up to 7 years to "off-gas."

  • Particle board, a popular and inexpensive wood substitute, can "off-gas" for 20 years.

  • New micro-organisms may be entering the US daily and half the adverse health effects are in the last fifteen years and are due to new sources of contamination.

At Mike Lee's Clean Machine, our solution to these and other indoor air quality problems is simple. Fresh air. That's right - fresh air. Not the stale, recycled air you're used to breathing indoors; not the emission-filled air found on America's highways; and not the rather unpleasant odor you may associate with the air in your favorite city or town. Just good old fashioned fresh air.

Since the beginning of Time nature has used a unique process to clean the air outdoors. And remember, there's no such thing as new, outdoor air. Dinosaurs breathed the same air you and I breathe! Imagine...being exposed to the same, recycled air, every day, for millions of years. Now picture that, indoors, and you'll begin to see why so many of us are victims of Indoor Air Pollution and Sick Building Syndrome.

As we all know, many US cities have problems with smog--the mixture of thousands of man-made chemicals and pollutants. You've probably even seen a "cloud" of pollution hovering over a city and heard "smog alerts". But no matter how much pollution Man can make, Nature can clean it up...

Enter, the thunderstorm. Nature's answer to air pollution. Lightning produces an abundance of ozone, one of the most powerful natural oxidizers. Negative ions are also in abundance during and after a thunderstorm, and these two work together to make crystal clear air within hours!!

Our indoor air purification systems electronically reproduce those natural processes and thus effectively clean any indoor your home or office, your car, truck, rv and boat cabin...and are a MUST for hotel/motel rooms as well.

Our commercial line has proven to be able to handle the toughest problems and situations in salons, restaurants, bars, bingo parlors and manufacturing environments.

Our purifiers are the only ones scientifically proven to eliminate the smoke and odors from cigars and cigarettes.

From the farm to industry of any kind, from nursing homes, hospitals, and schools to litter boxes and refrigerators, we simply make FRESH AIR indoors.

Ready to improve the quality of your indoor air? Mike Lee's Clean Machine is your best choice. We offer free trials of our one-of-a-kind purification systems. It's our "try it before you buy it" policy.

At Mike Lee's Clean Machine, "You'll Breathe Easier With Us."

To request a free trial or for more information, please contact Mike Lee, (812) 480-0407 or request a service!


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